This Might Be The Dopest Vans Collection Yet

The brand teamed up with Marc Jacobs again

Never have we ever been more excited for a Vans collaboration. The notorious skateboard brand is teaming up with Marc Jacobs yet again for a limited-edition collection of sneakers, and the offerings are loud, proud, and definitely not for the stylistically shy.

For the collab, the teams asked their creative friends to design their own versions of Van’s iconic slip-on shoe. Those pros include but aren’t limited to nail artist Jin Soon Choi, drag performer Milk, illustrator Julie Verhoeven, model Jazzelle Zanaughtti, makeup artist Sarah Tanno, a handful of Japanese artists, and more. And, of course, Jacobs himself designed a pair.

Jacobs' pair will actually be the only one available for purchase. You can pick them up in Marc Jacobs stores in New York and Japan on June 16 for $125. According to the brand, though, there are less than 200 pairs readily available. So, we’d recommend lining up soon. Each pair of sneakers will also include fabric markers which buyers can use to both personalize their shoes or the pop-up installation. Those not located in NYC or Japan can enter for a chance to win a pair designed by Verhoeven online now.

The other creations we've been told are, sadly, only "sources of inspiration." And, before you ask, no, the pair of shoes riddled with eyeballs is not a sly promo for Katy Perry’s new album. Check out all of the styles in the slideshow below. 

Designed by Marc Jacobs

Designed by Anotani Masaho.

Designed by Ava Nirui

Designed by Chihara Tetsuya

Designed by Jazzelle Zanaughtti

Designed by Jin Soon Choi

Designed by Julie Verhoeven

Designed by Kamei Toru

Designed by Milk.

Designed by Mizuhara Yuka

Designed by Nishikata Saian

Designed by Roehreke Niky

Designed by Sakai Ibuki

Designed by Sarah Tanno

Designed by Takagi Koichiro

Designed by Young Juvenile Youth