Love Is A Colorful, Melty Thing In Vice’s New Music Video

Steady as it falls apart

Entropy is one of life's true constants. Things fall apart eventually, no matter how hard you try. Some musicians capture this in a downtrodden wallowing of a song, while others, like Vice, use that energy to turn up. "Steady 1234," which is heightened by Jasmine Thompson's and Skizzy Mars' presence, falls into the latter category.

Here, two sides of a not-so-steady relationship stand their ground: Thompson's devoted, while Mars is upfront about his exploits and flippant toward commitment. That schism is amplified by Amber Park's textured, computer-generated-heavy video. "Amber Park did a really great job delivering the message of 'Steady 1234' by juxtaposing strong graphics alongside the graceful dancers," Vice tells us, proud of Park's interpretation of the song's whole "love doesn't always make sense" attitude. You can't go wrong with richly colored 3-D renderings of intertwined lovers melting into a heart puddle or a human-like Koosh ball serving you dancing on my own vibes. 

Thompson says "Steady 1234" is a song you can't get out of your head, which, yes, is true. But this isn't your average earworm. It's not vexing, and Park's video truly elevates it to a new level of cool. If only falling in and out of love actually looked like this.