Sound Meets Image In This Indie Music Video

meet brooklyn band corbu.

by blair cannon

Brooklyn five-piece Corbu can’t exactly be put into any particular genre. We’d best describe them as a combination of chillingly beautiful synth instrumental sound and introspective whispery vocals, with a lava lamp aesthetic. After all, their website makes it clear that visual art is just as much a part of the band’s overall work as their music is. Just take a look at their latest video for the song “Promise Me” and you’ll see what we mean. 

Considering the band takes its name from the brilliant Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier and cite lucid dreams as a major influence for both their music and graphics, the fact that this video is stimulating—both physically and sonically—isn't that surprising. One moment it feels like you’re swimming through a lit-up life-size aquarium and the next you’re swinging through trees in a rainforest in the summer. 

To add another level, the video’s concept is based off of Jean-Claude van Itallie’s poem “The Tibetan Book of the Dead for Reading Aloud,” which explores the transition between this life and the next and chronicles the human experience after death. Corbu’s other dreamy and other-worldly concoctions of image and sound have already won the group critical acclaim in the UK and they’re bound to start making waves in the US pretty soon. So get entranced by this vid and then get more Corbu right here.