Watch Dawes’ Music Video For “All Your Favorite Bands”

stripped-down, raw, and live

by carly sloane

When Dawes' fourth album, All Your Favorite Bands, came out a month ago, we knew we were going to have some new summer jams to add to our beach playlist, and we couldn't help but keep the title track on repeat. Listening to Taylor Goldsmith sing, "And may all of your favorite bands stay together," gave us major feels as we imagined wishing a friend farewell in a sweet, heartfelt goodbye. 

While we didn't think it was possible for this song to be more emotional, the release of the video for "All Your Favorite Bands" proved us wrong. The stripped-down, live version gave us a raw look at the sentiment behind the beautiful lyrics.

"I would love for someone wishing me well to put it in the terms of 'may all your favorite bands stay together,'" Goldsmith told us. "That would be a real friend. That person would know what truly matters. To me, the statement of 'All Your Favorite Bands' immediately gets down to a highly personal and singular part of anybody in a way that few other concepts can. So that's why we named our record after that song.” 

Watch the video above and be sure to share it with someone that you appreciate.