Photo by Suzanne Theresa


meet loren, the 15-year-old with lorde-like talent

rethinking moody music

When Lorde’s “Royals” hit the airwaves two years ago, she seemed to revolutionize the sonic landscape—not just in terms of her sound, but also in terms of bringing a certain validity to younger artists. Unfortunately, now, nearly every mediocre teenage musician is compared to the New Zealander. Loren, however, may just become the next benchmark for young talent. With a strong lyrical direction, willowing melodies, and dark verses, the 15-year-old, who has drawn comparisons to Ryn Weaver and Florence and the Machine, combines both classic and modern influences to create a new realm of moody, angsty music.

It’s only a matter of time before you hear her music anywhere and everywhere. Pre-order her upcoming EP, The Dare, on iTunes and get an instant download of her latest song, “Echo.” You’ll be glad you did.