video premiere: marry me

alia shawkat proposes marriage to tegan and sara for a good cause.

by ray siegel

If you're an Arrested Development fan, you've already heard Alia Shawkat propose marriage to several people during the last season of the show. This time she's asking Tegan Quin (from the band, Tegan and Sara) to tie the not--for a really good cause.

The two funny girls teamed up with a gay rights group called The Ally Coalition founded by designer Rachel Antonoff and the band Fun. We spoke to both Antonoff siblings about how they're motivating the fashion and entertainment industry to stand up for equal rights. Jack explained how it all started. "We feel strongly that this isn't a gay rights issue--it's a human rights issue. Whether you're someone who has your family and friends to speak to or a million different fans to speak to--the goal is to get everyone talking about marriage equality.

We think the fashion and entertainment industry should be at the forefront of this movement." Rachel added, "There's much more of a lack of information than there is hate. Hate does exist, but what we've found is that most people are uninformed. They don't have any information about all of the rights that you have if you're married."

Jack Antonoff's band Fun. has been donating their ticket sales to the cause and using his own influence to inform his following. "If a ton of celebrities came out and said, 'I believe in gay marriage' or 'I am gay,' imagine what a huge difference it would make." Well said. Watch Quin and Shawkat's video shot by Sarah Ramos and learn more about how you can join them in their cause here. Marry me?