Video Premiere: Nervo “Rise Early Morning”

a total trip, minus the drugs

If you are vehemently opposed to EDM music, well, Australian sister act NERVO (Mim and Liv Nervo) might make you quickly question your stance. Once you get over the initial shock, though, of loving something so dance-y, you'll find yourself Google Map-ping the nearest light-up disco.

Since emerging on the electro-music scene in the mid '00s, the duo has written for Ke$ha and Kylie Minogue, collaborated with David Guetta on his Grammy-winning "When Love Takes Over," toured with Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj, and become the highest-paid female act in EDM. In anticipation of their debut album, NERVO has been rolling out tracks left and right. And today, they're premiering the music video for their song "Rise Early Morning" right here, with us. 

The song itself, produced with Au Revoir Simone, is quite obviously electro-heavy, with high-energy beat sequences and drops, sweet, breathy synth vocals, and jump-up-and-down rhythms. And at first, the video seems like your run-of-the-mill visual: you have a group of friends wandering the streets, a bag of potato chips in one hand, a bottle of vodka in another, taking 3-D selfie videos. But, as expected, it takes an unorthodox turn when a mysterious man on stilts, wrapped in LED lights, towers through the neighborhood. (You know, as men in stilts tend to do.) Oh yeah, and he leaves a trail of trees behind him, amassing a forest virtually overnight. It's the stuff of hallucinogens—and we can't get enough.