Video Premiere: PVRIS “White Noise”

chloe grace moretz & hayley williams approved

2015 is shaping up to be the year of the ghost, and it seems as if Boston-based trio PVRIS has unlocked some intense spooky vibes. In the video for their debut album White Noise's titular single, frontwoman Lynn Gunn stars alongside band members Alex Babinski and Brian MacDonald. The concept behind the short was inspired by Steven Spielberg's horror flick Poltergeist, which just so happens to be due for a remake this May (see, it really is the year of the ghost).

Still, the video has a deeper meaning: communication. Oftentimes, having a conversation with someone can be like talking to a ghost—unengaging, one-sided, and a tad painful. Feeling ignored is one thing, but it can be much worse when you feel like someone isn't even acknowledging your physical presence. It's better to have some static than lack of a signal... 

PVRIS already has the Chloe Grace Mortez and Hayley Williams stamp of approval, so they're already off to a killer start. Watch the video above, keep the connection alive online, and catch PVRIS on Warped Tour this summer.