Violet Night’s New Song Is For All The Lonely Hearts Out There

Watch “Where We Began” here

"You can't just love someone into loving you back," Violet Night's Connor Pohl says, talking about his and bandmate T.J. Rounthwaite's new song, "Where We Began." "I've always been the kind of person who sees the best in people," he adds. "This song is about when my faith is misplaced."

Been there, done that, and will likely be there and do that again, because life is a cycle, but, also, at least we have bands like Violet Night to put words to our befuddling romantic ways.

The Canadian duo is gearing up to release its new album, Colours Of You, on May 4. The two have already given us our first taste of it with "Young Guns," and today, we're giving you your second. "Where We Began" captures the duo's vibe perfectly: honest alt-rock elevated by a chorus that shines like your favorite pop-punk band's best. Pohl lays his heart on the table and Rounthwaite keeps the momentum going with drums that beat like a, well, heart. 

"The title references the romanticized time earlier in a relationship, where things are better and you keep thinking they’ll somehow get back to there," he says. "You’ve got to know what is worth fighting for, and constant fighting isn’t that. Fortunately, I think going through these kinds of relationships has made me a better person, more self-aware and aware of who I should love. I hope anyone who hears this song might be able to avoid the heartache from false hope."

Listen to it and watch the story come alive in the music video, below.