editor’s pick: just add syrup

one editor’s love affair with waffle house.

by liza darwin

Growing up in the south, Waffle House wasn't just a highway pitstop--it really was a way of life. The restaurant's neon sign and perpetually fogged-up windows are part of its charm, but once you get a taste of the chain's epic waffles, as well as its steak and eggs, hash browns, and Texas melts, you just won't be able to look at breakfast the same way again.

I mean, where else can you be full--we're talking stomach-cramping full--for the price of a grande latte? Seriously, it can happen at this magic place. The tiled floors and constant syrupy smell might not be the classiest, but that didn't stop us from going after prom in high school. The fact that it's open 24 hours is only the tip of a (buttery) iceberg. 

No offense to gourmet New York establishments, but sometimes I still crave a good old fashioned waffle, doused in syrup, with bacon and eggs on the side. #Sorrynotsorry. 

I can't get it as often as I want--which, come to think of it, is definitely a good thing--so I'll just pretend I'm cruising to Waffle House with these Living Royal socks instead.

It's sort of like the breakfast feast, minus the stomach ache. But just you are feeling hungry, I've added the menu in the gallery here...you're welcome.

Living Royal Waffles Socks