wampire “orchards”

Because everyone could use a furry-purple-six foot tall friend…

by Josh Madden

Sometimes when you see the video for one of your favorite tunes it's like "okay, it's a song about a party and here's a video that takes place at a party." or "this jam is about meeting your uncle who passed away at some crossroads and..." Well, you get the point, but that's not the case with Wampire's video for "Orchards". The Portland bros cruise through the countryside in an old ride, and as day turns to evening they meet and make friends with a huge furry purple guy. Last night we played this on the big screen via Apple TV about a dozen times with all the lights off in our apartment and it was AWESOME! The new Wampire record Curiosty is rad and it's available HERE now! Also, the guys are on our Topman + Smith Westerns + NYLON Guys Summer Tour right now and you can win tickets to see them HERE.