waste not, want more

topshop tackles the question of sustainability with one seriously stylish collab.

by rebecca willa davis

We talk all the time about the implications of fast fashion--especially when it comes to the environment.

So consider Topshop's latest collaboration a thoughtful (and yes, super stylish) response. Their second partnership with Reclaim To Wear, an eco-fashion label that has been devising solutions to textile waste and sustainability since 1997, features a range of dresses, tank tops, skirts, and button-downs that utilize recycled materials from previous seasons. Think delicate silk florals, lace paneled sleeves, and georgette inserts--which are hardly the things of hemp shoes and un-bleached tees.

According to Reclaim To Wear's co-founder Orsola de Castro, "This is really an important step: one dress at a time, starting small, we are beginning to see that design can influence not just our style, but the way we think about clothes." And the same goes for Topshop; the retailer's Head of Sourcing and Technical Services announced, "We proudly partnered with one of our key London manufacturers on our second collection, with a focus on localism. The inspiration behind the collection was to turn away from disposable fashion, giving a new lease of life to disregarded prints from previous seasons."

And if you like what you see, consider this just the beginning--as Mongan adds, "We are looking forward to growing the Topshop Reclaim To Wear range, season on season, bringing more product areas into the portfolio." Us too!

Shop the Topshop x Reclaim To Wear collection here.