Watch Kendrick Lamar Battle A Group Of Surprised Teens In England

They held their own

Kendrick Lamar, coming off the surprise release of his new album, is the hottest rapper in the game, so you can imagine the shock and thrill 46 students in Manchester, England, felt when Lamar surprised them during a hip-hop workshop sponsored by Reebok. Lamar, who has worked alongside Reebok since 2014, showed up at the workshop probably to offer some words of encouragement, take a few selfies, and bounce. What no one expected was for the rapper to start straight-up battling the kids in an impromptu cypher. Anyone who's followed Lamar's career knows that he can hold his own in a rap battle. The surprise here came when several aspiring rappers held their own against Lamar. It's one thing to know how to spit some rhymes. It's something else entirely to do it in front of arguably the greatest rapper alive. Watch what transpired above.