The New Luke Cage Trailer Shows The Reluctant Hero While He’s ‘Just Trying To Figure Things Out’

“I guess I can’t trust nobody”

After the critical and audience-based success of Jessica Jones, it only makes sense that people are super excited for the next Netflix series to take place in the Marvel universe: Luke Cage. Well, get ready, because a highly informative trailer for the eagerly anticipated show just dropped today.

Happily for audiences craving a Luke Cage-fix, the trailer reveals a little bit more about this elusive superhero, i.e. "he has powers he didn't ask for, the woman he fell in love with was dead, and he was put in prison for a crime he didn't commit." It also orients the new series in the Netflix-Marvel timeline by referencing Cage's relationship with Jessica Jones, showing that the series is moving in a linearly forward way, meaning that we're probably not getting too much backstory on Cage.

That's ok, though, because the trailer introduces us to Cage's nemesis. Named Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes and played by the exceptional Mahershala Ali, the series' villain is a gunslinging club owner who has a pretty fortuitously placed portrait of Biggie hanging up in his office.

Cage has moved on from the Hell's Kitchen digs he inhabited in Jessica Jones and now lives in Harlem, which is where he runs into Stokes, and which leads to dialogue like this, from Cage: "I don't want Harlem, I just want you to stop messing with it." Understood!

You can binge-watch the whole series on Netflix starting September 30, and just watch and re-watch the trailer until then. And practice saying this universal line along with Cage: "I guess I can't trust nobody around here, can I?" Because, honestly? Probably not.