Watch Now: First “Insurgent Teaser Trailer

and it is really freaking intense.

by blair cannon

For fans everywhere of the Divergent trilogy, March 20, 2015 (AKA the release of the movie’s sequel, Insurgent, starring a pixie-haired Shailene Woodley) can’t come soon enough. And now that the film’s first teaser trailer has dropped, we’re just hanging on by a thread for more (kind of like Tris is in the trailer… kind of). At only a minute and five seconds lomg, the teaser tells us next to nothing about the plot—unless you count the ultra-cliché movie trailer declaration that “the world will never be same” as a spoiler alert. But it is a serious cliffhanger (get it?) for what’s to come. All jokes aside, this dreamlike clip of Tris trying to save her mom (while rocking her revolutionary new 'do) packs almost more action and drama into a single minute than our vulnerable fangirl hearts handle. We can only imagine what two whole hours of this is going to do to our adrenaline levels, and our fangirl status.