watch rihanna deal with an epic case of the munchies

    bitch better have my cheetos

    by · April 21, 2015

    Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    Unlike most stars of her magnitude, Rihanna seems pretty chill with letting her friends record her doing stuff. The latest episode of Rihanna TV features the singer hitting Duane Reade with a few pals to buy all the snacks. Since Rihanna has not been shy of hiding her fondness for herbal remedies, it’s safe to assume that we’re watching her handle a colossal case of the munchies. And since she’s Rihanna, she handles it like a pro.

    Watch RiRi as she grabs some Cheetos, some Apple Jacks Cereal-in-a-Cup, some Cheddar Pringles, and almost caves and buys Spam. That is some bounty. Also notice how her security never enters the frame, lending the whole escapade a sense of normalcy. The clip ends the only way it can: with Rihanna and her friends belting Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing,” as them and their snacks drive off into the night.

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