Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe Love-Hate Each Other In ‘The Nice Guys’ Trailer

Murder and cigarettes

In the throwback action comedy The Nice Guys, Ryan Gosling gets back to the business of being a movie star, alongside fellow movie star Russell Crowe. The two play an odd couple, private investigator and detective, who team up reluctantly to find a missing girl, played by Margaret Qualley from The Leftovers. The action takes places in Hollywood circa 1977, which means Gosling gets to rock a mean 'stache and smoke cigarettes while accompanying Crowe's tough-guy detective on a tour of L.A.'s underbelly. 

The movie was written and directed by Shane Black—who brought us the Lethal Weapon movies and most recently Iron Man 3—which would account for the movie's equal balance of mayhem and laughs, as Crowe and Gosling are followed by a trail of death with somehow hilarious results. The Nice Guys hits theaters on May 20 and you can watch the trailer above.