Watch the Trailer for the CBS Show ‘Supergirl’


It's no big secret that a standalone female superhero movie isn't at the top of Hollywood's to-do list. When they did try—with movies like Elektra and Catwoman—the results were cheesy disasters. With studios finally ready to try again—DC is working on a Wonder Woman movie and Marvel has Captain Marvel in its pipeline—we're hoping times are changing.

But before those big screen efforts get released, a female superhero is coming to TV in the form of Supergirl, and CBS just unveiled a six-minute trailer for the new fall show. At first glance it feels like that hilarious Black Widow SNL parody, a rom com masquerading as kick-ass action extravaganza. Instead of a super being dealing with the burden of being a savior, she's dealing with the burden of being a girl and making it in the big city. But as the clip progresses, and Supergirl actually gets to being, you know, super, the show starts to lift off. Plus Melissa Benoist is undeniably charming in the lead role, even if she does have to wear those stupid tights.