Watch the Hilarious Trailer for ‘Vacation’

the griswolds are back, sort of

We didn't have high hopes for Vacation, a sequel-of-sorts which seemed like a cash-grab movie trying to score some bucks off the legacy of National Lampoon's Vacation. We're happy to report that we appear to be wrong. The new red-band trailer shows a movie that feels fresh, raunchy, and genuinely funny.

Ed Helms stars as Rusty Griswold, who was just a kid in the 1983 comedy classic, and who wants to give his children the same experience his dad gave him. That means a road trip to Walley World with his wife (Christina Applegate), two sons, and sister, played here by Leslie Mann. With that comes some surprisingly risky jokes about rimjobs, heroin needles, and head-on collisions. Surprisingly, none of it feels out of place in what is essentially a family comedy. Also, a gold star goes to Chris Hemsworth, who shows up near the end of this trailer and appears to have the best, er, part in the movie. 

Vacation hits theaters on July 29.