weejuns by bass

Classic style with a little camo update…

by Josh Madden

weejuns by bass

In 1934, G.H. Bass, a boot maker from Wilton, Maine started making loafers under the name Weejuns (named for the Norwegian designers who inspired them). The origin of the Weejuns' "Penny Loafer" nickname is uncertain but one explanation comes from American prep school students in the 1950s, who started inserting a penny in the diamond cut space on the top of the shoe hoping to make a fashion statement. Another theory is that two pennies could be slipped into the slit, which was enough money to make an emergency phone call in the 1930s. Either way, the name "Penny Loafer" came to be applied to this style of slip-on and has since stuck. The practice continues, and rarely will you spot a pair of Weejuns sans pennies.

Our new camo Weejun loafers are an updated version of the classic favorite. The printed canvas, contrast stitching, and leather sole are handmade and assembled as they always were. Of course we had to stick a penny in them, and with a pair of good jeans and a button-up we'll be wearing these toThanksgiving dinner (sure to have our old man reminiscing about his preppy days).

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along with wool, Buffalo check, lug sole and a variety of other Weejuns including the original styles.