Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images; David Becker/Getty Images.


Actually, The Weeknd And Bella Hadid Are Still Totally Together

despite reports to the contrary.

According to a new report, The Weeknd and Bella Hadid are still dating, up in each other’s business, and generally being beautiful people together. How could this be, you ask? Didn’t you read reports confirming that the couple was over? Good eye. But new Instagram footage suggests that this publication, like so many others, shared what may be a false rumor about the highly relevant couple. 

Reportedly, busy schedules have indeed kept singer Abel Tesfaye, 25, and model Hadid, 19, apart in recent days. Though, if the evidence below pans out, that may have been the extent of it. As happens to hot, hot couples like these, a mountain might have been made of a molehill, and thus a rumor was born. It happens.

As said, many picked up the story, but a possible confirmation that are still all over each other came through the Instagram below. Alleged to have been in Miami over the weekend, the post shows Hadid and Tesfaye smooshing and bathing in dollar, dollar bills just like you and your significant other. Matter of fact, they have a little something they want to share with the world—a gesture, if you will.

Rude, maybe, but if this was indeed taken recently, that middle finger is a sign that the two are just fine thank you very much.