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Weight Watchers Wants You To Think It’s A Wellness Brand Now

It’s still dieting, though

Weight Watchers, now called WW, is not a dieting brand anymore. Or, at least that's what the company wants you to think.

In a move clearly geared toward millennials, the company claims it's now focusing on "wellness that works," which, according to CEO Mindy Grossman, "affirms what we’ve been doing for 55 years."

The points system isn't going anywhere, but the setup will look a little different. The company has teamed up with Headspace, a meditation and mindfulness app, to incorporate features into the current Weight Watchers app. Users will now also be able to connect with other users, as they would traditionally have done at meetings, through "Connect Groups" on the app. "This idea of going from weight to wellness is more sustainable for people, because we’re giving them more than just a short term solution," Grossman said.

The idea of numerical weight as a signifier of wellness is one that has been used by fat-shamers to justify their rude claims for ages, so transforming a weight loss program under the guise of wellness, without taking away that numerical aspect, doesn't make it any different or more wellness-minded. Wellness is a combination of self-care and a healthy regimen entirely decided by you and your doctors. And no amount of WW rebranding or marketing will ever change that.  

Check out the announcement if you'd like, below.