The 8 Weirdest Grammy Moments Of All Time

what. just. happened?

Face it, the Grammys are weird. Just the very idea of handing out little gold-plated statues of phonographs to people who produce music in front of millions of people is kind of bizarre. You can't even play music on those things! Then there’s the issue of who actually wins the honors: That often goes not to those who made the best music or sold the most albums, but who seems most like a “Grammy winner." Very, very weird.

Yet, in the context of the unspoken weirdness that is the annual Grammy Awards ceremony, some moments have stood out as particularly and unavoidably odd as all hell. We’ve got musical legends bum rushing the stage, artists showing up in eggs, performers dissing the Grammys while actually holding their awards, and random dudes dressed up as the Pope. Yes, friends, the Grammys are weird, and here, collected for your midday bafflement, are their weirdest moments of all.