Photo via Dave Kotinsky/USA Network

watch: backstage with pups at the westminster dog show

ridiculously cute

by gabrielle korn + leila brillson

Thanks to USA Network, we went backstage at The Westminster Dog Show, also known as the most pro-fur show of NYFW, and asked the puppies really important questions. They responded in turn with a thoughtful combination of wisdom, humor, insight, and kisses. At the end of the evening we were covered in fragrant dog drool, making it one of the most rewarding journalistic experiences of our lives. If there is one video you watch today, this may be it. Then, check out more photos of these glorious creatures being perfect.

Watch the video below to find out how these furry competitors feel about cultural appropriation (um, hello Riccardo Tisci!), what their favorite backstage beauty tricks are, and if they'd ever date fans.