Where’s Your Head At - Coachella edition

What does your headwear say about you?

by Josh Madden

When our buddy Justin Caffier told us he was head-ing (pun intended) to Coachella this past weekend, we couldn't help but ask him to shoot some snaps for us. The writer and comedian covers stuff in LA for us from time to time when he's not to busy keeping folks in stitches. All we asked Caffier to do was shoot anything he saw, and what he returned was a hilarious variety of headwear. We're not sure if it was Pharrell Williams--AKA Mister Hat-P--has kickstarted the "be as wild as you wanna be" movement, but it's for sure in full swing.

Check out the Coachella heads-up below courtesy of out West Coast homie and follow Justin on Twitter HERE or Tumblr HERE.

Flower crown - What, at first sight, would appear to be a nature-loving hippie chick is just your typical basic chick looking for a basic bee after she goes cray and tries Molly this weekend. If you’re a guy, OMG you are going to DIEEEEEEE during Empire of the Sun’s set. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE!!

SpiritHoods - You will not spend one set outside of Sahara or Yuma.

Bucket hat - You’re so thrilled Schoolboy Q brought these back into the arena of acceptable fashion because they’re, like, seriously the only things that look good on your head. Many girls consider you to be “like a brother.” Fun fact: No woman has actually ever worn a bucket hat.

Bandana - You’re incredibly utilitarian and if I’m looking to buy acid later I’ll likely flag you down.

Shemagh/Keffiyeh - If male, you own a really expensive headset for playing Call of Duty or Battlefield. If female, you lived in NYC at some point.

Cat ears -Female: You actually do own a cat and may be a bit too into it. Male: A girl that seriously wants to bang you put these on your head but you kinda don’t find her attractive enough. As a consolation, you let her draw matching whiskers and nose on you.

Large felt hat - You enjoy witch house and love looking at your flat tummy in the mirror as well as showing it off in public.

Floppy woven hat - You a bit basic tbh, but you have parents that could buy you some less basic headwear if you really felt like it.

Native American headdress - You’re white and are too drunk or oblivious to realize that everyone kinda hates you for a multitude of reasons.