which veronica mars character are you?

a long time ago, we used to be friends.

by jannah berkley

After a tragic cancellation, years of pining and fan fiction, a massive Kickstarter campaign, and a couple tears over sloths (thanks for that one, Kristen Bell), The Veronica Mars Movie is finally here! The movie will premier at SXSW and will hit theaters this Friday. (Insert celebratory dance party here!) The last time we saw V, she was in her first year of college--the movie picks up 10 years later when she is forced to return to Neptune to help an old friend (and attend a perfectly timed high school reunion).

Finally, all of our Marshmallow questions will be answered. Are Wallace and Veronica still besties? How does Weevil keep his motorcycle so clean? Is Dick still the world's biggest tool? And the most important one of all: Logan or Piz?

While you are staking out this weekend's premiere, take our quiz to see which character you are (and don't forget to bring backup--make your bestie take the quiz too!).