Watch The Obamas Give Their Final (And Adorable) White House Holiday Message

Dad jokes ahead

by Lisa Eppich

In the spirit of the holidays, we're doing our best to forget for just a few days what a dumpster fire 2016 was and what 2017 likely will be. Helping us in this endeavor is the nation's cutest couple, AKA Barack and Michelle Obama, who just released their final holiday message from the White House. What's that tight feeling in your chest? It's not an eggnog-induced heart attack, it's your cold, dead heart melting away and remembering that love is real.

The POTUS is in fine form, bringing out the dad jokes and making us melt by referring to Michelle as his best friend (aww). We also loved the quick flashback to the couple's first holiday address in 2009 not just because it's amusing to see Obama cracking up for no reason, but we also totally forgot how damn young the POTUS used to look. The time jump also serves as a reminder that, despite all of the trials the past eight years have brought, he's never lost his signature sense of humor. Our FLOTUS, unsurprisingly, nails her own brand of deadpan humor coupled with her incredible warmth and compassion that inspires us to do good. Sigh

In addition to a quick run through of all the important work the Obama administration has done (including coming back from the recession, decreasing the rate of unemployment, and the Affordable Care Act, in case you forgot about them), the President and First Lady also remind us that the reason so many of us are able to enjoy the holiday season in freedom and safety is because of the sacrifices our men and women in uniform make. For those of you who are interesting in giving, Joining Forces can help you learn how to donate and volunteer to support both active-duty military and their families as well as veterans, all of whom have unique needs that are often forgotten about in the day-to-day shuffle.    

Finally, the Obamas leave us with an important reminder about the true meaning of Christmas and how we should move forward into 2017—with "the idea that we are our brother's keeper and our sister's keeper. That we should treat others as we would want to be treated. That we care for the sick, feed the hungry, and welcome the stranger, no matter where they come from or how they practice their faith." The President adds, "Those are values that help guide not only my family's Christian faith, but that of Jewish-Americans, and Muslim-Americans, non-believers, and Americans of all backgrounds." They're certainly words to live by not just this holiday season, but in the years to come.