photo by jesse frohman


super market: white sunglasses

so fresh and so clean.

by rachael wang

There are few cheap thrills that trump a bargain on sunnies and I've been trying to score the perfect white vintage pair for a while now. As a lady who worships at the alter of Kurt Cobain, I have noble aspirations to help you along your path should you be seeking the same. Regardless of your budget, here's some white to add to your red and blue just in time for Independence Day. 

Crap Eyewear The Diamond Brunch -- $56.00

Asos Ridge Metal Kitten Sunglasses -- $22.86

Forum Novelties Mod White Sunglasses -- $8.45

Illesteva Leonard II White Havana -- $290.00

Kate Spade Della Sunglasses -- 88.75

Linda Farrow Oversized Cat Eye sunglasses -- $670.00

Prada Round Plastic White Sunglasses -- $285.00

Sabre Vision Runaway -- $100.00

Shakuhachi Cosmic Love Sunglasses in White -- $198.00

Unif The Shadys -- $26.00

Urban Outfitters Coolgirl Catmaster Sunglasses -- $16.00

Wildfox Steff Sunglasses in Cream -- $ 169.00