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Our Bodies Are Ready For Whoopi Goldberg’s “Ugly” Holiday Sweaters

Could December come any sooner?

Celebrity clothing lines come, and celebrity clothing lines go. Some are better than others, some are so dismal we take pity on the star. And others go down in sartorial history. Whoopi Goldberg is the latest to fall into that last category. 

The actress, comedian, and talk show host is adding fashion designer to her list of accolades early next month. In an interview with Vogue, she announced that she’s designing a collection of ugly—or, as she likes to call them “funny”—Christmas sweaters for the holiday season.

“You can’t call them ‘ugly.’ Mine are kind of ‘funny Christmas sweaters’ or ‘Christmas sweaters with a twist,’” she tells Vogue. “They are actually quite wonderful, and they feel good.” Some of the designs include a slouchy sweater featuring a menorah octopus, a zip-up knit with kissing Santas, and a colorful turtleneck with an equally colorful animated family on the front. If these sound strange to you, that was Goldberg’s intention. “It’s all in my funny, weird head of things that I like to see,” she says. “It’s anything that will elicit a smile or an ‘aw’ from you; that’s what I want.”

The star says she’ll be adding a Kwanzaa and Ramadan sweater next year (and maybe, if we’re lucky, ones that bust into song, too). “I just want to cover everything,” she says. “The holidays, regardless of what you believe—it should be a day, a week, a month of let’s all be together. Silly sweaters can unite us and what is better than that?” Honestly, nothing.

The unisex line will be available at Lord & Taylor on November 1 and you can check out three of the sweater designs below (according to WWD, there will be 11 total, all of which Whoopi will be showing off on The View throughout the month of December). If pre-Christmas list were a thing, these would be at the tippy top. 

Photo Via Vogue.

Whoopi Goldberg x Lord & Taylor, "All Together Now," $139, available November 1 at Lord & Taylor.

Photo Via Vogue.

Whoopi Goldberg x Lord & Taylor, "The Arm-Me," $139, available November 1 at Lord & Taylor.

Photo Via Vogue.

Whoopi Goldberg x Lord & Taylor, "Santa Love," $139, available November 1 at Lord & Taylor.