first look: wildfox

the resort collection is all about angels in america.

by rebecca willa davis

Sure, there's a serious case of '90s nostalgia happening right now, but don't let it fool you into thinking that it's the only era worth mining. Need proof? Look no further than the Wildfox resort '13 lookbook.

The L.A.-based label, which has used Clueless as previous inspiration, takes us all the way back to the late-'70s with their Charlie's Angels-esque snaps. The lookbook, dubbed Angels Off Duty, features Avery Tharp, Dioni Tabbers, and Amanda Smith as a trio of butt-kicking babes who take a break from fighting crime to go on vacation (photographed by NYLON faves Mark Hunter and Steven Meiers). Think riding skateboards, suntanning on the lawn, and--yes--taking a call or two from presumably Charlie himself, all while rocking some perfectly feathered hair, rainbow striped sweaters, and retro denim gym shorts.

Though we can't all spend the week sipping on fresh-squeezed orange juice and writing in our journals, we can at least get our hands on the trio's look--no, you don't need to be an Angel to rock an "angel" ruffled bandeau swim top. You will, however, have to perfect that roundhouse kick on your own.