what every summer should entail

    as seen in wildfox's latest lookbook

    by Yasmeen Gharnit · May 01, 2015

    Each and every May, the same anxiety sets in: How do I have the best summer ever? 

    From there, with a vague blueprint for picnics and beach outings, we set out to find our own version of a wet hot American summer. But, as we've found, there's nothing that ruins a fun time like overly thought-out plans and strict schedules.

    Instead, we suggest looking to Wildfox's latest lookbook for some easy inspiration. Not only do the '70s-inspired snaps and layouts show off the brand's seriously cute summer collection, but they also come with some sunny tips: sleep in, wear sunscreen, drink wine (proanthocyanidins found in the skin and seeds of grapes may have cancer-fighting properties), pick up a summer beach read, take an ultra-hydrating oatmeal and honey bath, laze around with friends, and throw a crab bake. 

    Click through the gallery to see the lookbook. Then shop the collection here.

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