beauty queen: rooney mara

the secret to perfect winter skin is all in the prep.

by liza darwin

This morning a snowstorm hit New York City, surprising everyone who neglected to check the weather (like me) with between five and eight inches of snow. Yikes. This is bad news--not to mention, makes dragging yourself out of bed that much harder--but at least it gives us the perfect opportunity to test-drive Rooney Mara's glowing makeup look from this weekend. Yup, looking fresh-faced is possible, even when it's freezing out. The secret? It's all the prepwork.

REFRESH IT: Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Face Serum- $85

This serum--infused with real black tea, natch--is the first crucial step to faking awake. After you wash your face, dab it all over your neck and face. In addition to the tea itself, the formula also contains antioxidants and peptides to hydrate and brighten your skin instantly.

PREPARE IT: Dior Glow Maximizer Primer- $42 

We already told you why you need to use primers. Now meet our new favorite, this creamy gorgeous secret weapon from Dior that gives you an immediate radiance--sort of like you're sitting in really flattering lighting 24/7. It might be pricey, but trust us, this baby's worth it.

COVER IT: Dr Jart + Water Fuse Beauty Balm- $34

Available in one universal shade that really does work on most every skintone, Dr. Jart+'s BB cream is made with 50% water. That's a lot of hydration, which is exactly what our skin needs with it's being hit with winds, snow, and the worst: "wintry mix." Oh, and it's SPF25, because winter weather is no excuse to slack on sunscreen.