sephora teams up with opi for another round of shattered polish.

by ali hoffman

Whether you call it crackle, blasted, or shatter, there's no question the cracked-polish trend has arrived.

And we're definitely not complaining. Aside from the thrilling "abracadabra" moment of watching the varnish splinter before our very eyes, the best part is that no two fingers ever look the same. But on the other hand (no pun intended), we admit our results are not always as magical as the process, and sometimes leave our nails looking more messy than modern.

Leave it to Sephora to answer our prayers with their new SEPHORA by OPI Blasted Silver Nail Colour. Compared to other polishes, this stuff is like diluted crackle, leaving each nail with a subtle, spiderweb-like pattern.  We tried it over a range of polishes, but in the end it seemed to work best over darker hues.

Check out the polish below and who knows where your experimenting will lead you...

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