Women React to Seeing Their BFFs Naked for the First Time

“wanna see my butt?”

Friendship means being open about a lot of things, but for many people, it doesn't mean being open with your body. So to challenge that status quo, BuzzFeed asked six women to stand naked in front of their best friend to prove that bodies are just, well, bodies.

The three sets of women had all been friends for varying lengths of time, but had never seen each other naked. And when they removed their robes in front of one another, things actually didn't get that awkward. In fact, being naked inspired the BFFs to spew compliments for one another ("You should have mad nipple confidence.") and to even get a little silly ("Do you wanna put our butts together?"). As a whole, the friends walked away with a greater sense of trust for one another, and the sense that bodies really just aren't a big deal. Do we sense of platonic version of Dating Naked in the works?

In a world where women's naked bodies are constantly airbrushed and perfected in advertisements and media, this exercise helped show that no one's body is as weird as they think it is—and your BFF will always be there to remind you that you're great just the way you are, no matter how harsh the lighting.

(via BuzzFeed)