This Video Of Women Reading Sexist Casting Calls Will Make You Laugh, Scream


The number of stereotyped, non-speaking, or nonexistent roles for women in film, TV, and commercials coming at us on a near non-stop basis is a daily reminder of just how much we need to tear down the sexist structures underpinning the industry. Sometimes, though, we need a little clairity, an easy way of seeing exactly how misogynistic the casting process can be. A new video project is offering exactly that.

Inspired by the blog Casting Call Woe, artists Julie Asriyan, Laura Bray and Jenna Ciralli compiled some of the most demeaning casting call notices to be read by 18 women in a video titled “Casting Call: The Project.” As the women read descriptions like “Lead actress needed for film about feminism. She is moderately attractive,” their reactions range from disbelief to laughter to serious, tangible upset and frustration. Many of the notices are so sexist in nature that it can be hard to believe that they aren’t just a part of a spoof video. Thing is, they aren't.

“We are hoping that this fun and cathartic project will contribute to the conversation about the deeply flawed ideas of female characters and work for women in the arts in general,” the team wrote on their website. “We hope that it will keep all of us (of every gender) talking, thinking, asking and most importantly CREATING OUR OWN WORK that will, in turn, bring about the roles we all want to see for female actors.”

Like we said, these casting calls are outrageously laughable at the surface, so feel free to giggle. Just know that there's going to be a burning hot lava flow of righteous indignation underneath all your guffaws.

(via The Cut)