we test drive the diy foil manicure.

by liza darwin

Everyone's been talking about foil manicures, the salon treatment that adheres shiny foils to your nails by heat. They're awesome, because they're super-durable and last for about a week. What's not so awesome? The $50-plus price tag.

But with Nail Rock, the new at-home designer wraps, you can have all the crazy nail art, minus the cost. Each pack comes with 24 foils that you can cut to fit your nail size. Then, hold your hand under a blowdryer to secure the foil, and voila! You're set.

Overall, the process takes about 20-30 minutes total (meaning, it's probably not the best idea to do it late-night or when you're rushed to go out). But the results of this DIY experiment? Definitely impressive.

Sure, it takes some effort, but we can't think of a faster way to get a cool manicure that's literally hard as nails.

$10.95 at ASOS.