go buy your wren x langley fox tees now!

it’s the purrfect collab.

by liza darwin

Wren's Melissa Coker is no stranger to unexpectedly cool collabs. This summer the New York designer teamed up with Tatia PIlieva on the super-vibral "First Kiss" video (which, unless you've been actively hiding from your computer, you've heard about...), and now she's back with another equally awesome partnership up her sleeve.

Coker and artist Langley Fox Hemingway--who, yes, also made a cameo in "First Kiss"--have teamed up on a custom T-shirt to benefit the No Kill Los Angeles Animal Shelters. Featuring a kitten decked out in a Ziggy Stardust design, all of the proceeds go to the feline and canine-centric charity. And there's really no better time to buy-- after all, we may have just passed National Dog Day, but National Cat Day is coming up this October, making this the most perfect fall tee ever. But then again, with a shirt this cute, who says you really need an excuse to wear it in the first place?!

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