wrkng title by wale folarin

About to knock the hat game out the box…

by Josh Madden

If you're from the East Cost then you know just how brick (cold) the winters can be. And if you're from Washington D.C. where the Metro system has fewer stops than the MTA, then you're spending some quality time walking in the streets. It's out of necessity that the company WRKNG TITLE was born, created by serious beanie enthusiast Wale Folarin. The lyricist, who's rarely seen without headwear, decided to throw his hat in the ring (pun intended) by formulating his brand around the use of luxe wool blends and designs that he himself wanted to wear.

Our favorite style in WRKNG TITLE's first collection is The Sunday, which is available in five different team-inspired colorways: grey and navy (Cowboys), hunter green and white (Eagles), black and grey (Raiders), teal and orange (Dolphins) and of course, maroon and gold (Redskins).

Follow WRKNG TITLE on Twitter HERE, on Instagram HERE and shop their first collection of headwear HERE. We've got a feeling that if Wale's brand development game is as persevering as his pursuit of hip-hop success, he's gonna knock 'em out the box.