X Files Revival Teaser Trailer

’201 days of the x-files’

by carly sloane

The new trailer for the beloved supernatural television show—yes, we're obviously talking about The X-Files—has just been released. The video encourages fans (and fanatics) to take on the challenge of re-watching 201 episodes in 201 days, starting today with the pilot.

Completing this task will put you right on schedule for the revival's premiere date on January 24. It's not a bad idea. 

The teaser shows some familiar faces, even if they are only briefly featured. After watching some classic clips, be prepared to catch the first look of Mulder and Scully at the 32-second mark. The iconic FBI special agents are shown rushing towards a dark room, solely lit by their flashlights.

Although they're not entirely visible, from the looks of it they seem to be back in action and in their natural habitat. The first episode is called "My Struggle," adding to the excitement and suspense that is sure to come our way.

Check out the trailer below and get ready for the new collection of episodes we've all been waiting for. Only 202 more days to go.