mia definitely brings the noise with the beauty look in her new vid.

by rebecca willa davis

We're used to MIA's music videos causing quite a bit of controversy, but when we first saw her new music video for "Bring the Noize" yesterday, all we could talk about was her beauty look. Because no matter how nuanced your political views are, you can't really ignore hot pink hair, matching lips, and shimmery blue eye shadow.

That's not to say that there isn't a charged position within the styling; in the beginning of the video, which mostly takes place in a nightclub filled with people only wearing white (those are Chilli Beans shades she's wearing, FYI), MIA has her hair knotted and twisted in what is basically a veil--or, for those familiar with Middle Eastern garb, a keffiyeh. It's not the first time we've seen the traditional Arab headdress in another context--Pasquale Ferrante created very similar 'dos for the ThreeAsFour spring '12 show--but with someone as outspoken as MIA, you know that there's some extra meaning behind it.And before you start thinking, "Why do you have to frame what a woman does in the context of beauty?" let's remember this: MIA opens the music video with the image of a person, head flipped over, brushing his hair. She wants us to take notice. So yes, the personal really is political in this instance.Whether or not you agree with MIA's personal views, we can all get behind her beauty look. Here's how:

The Veil

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Process: First prep the hair with this spray to give it a bit of grit, then using a comb separate your hair into 20 different strands, each evenly distributed around your head. Using the Goody elastic bands, make 20 little ponytails. Once they're secure, join two ponytails together, securing with an elastic band, and continue around the head. Then split up those 10 ponytails into two again, and connect them to the strand on the other side. Repeat until--depending on the length of your hair--you reach the end of your tresses.

The Pink Lady

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Process: Yes, even dark haired girls can go pink--we love how MIA's naturally black strands give her color some depth. Once you take the hot pink plunge, find a lip color that matches (we've long been obsessed with this pink Stila shade, which was originally created for a Betsey Johnson presentation). While blue eyes might sound counter-intuitive to such a bold hair-lip combo, it actually helps to soften the look. And if you can't handle full talons like MIA, try Nail Rocks' nail wraps instead.