Y-3 Fall ’14 campaign

Lichtenstein meets Manga for Y-3 fall ’14…

by Josh Madden

Y-3 Fall '14 Campaign

The Y-3 Fall '14 campaign, shot by Cedric Buchet has a certian Lichtenstein, come to life, meets superhero aesthetic which couldn't have been executed better. This campaign embodies all of the energy of a live Yohji Yamamoto Y-3 fashion show.

The campaign is based on graphic color, daring patterns, and an illustrative palette, all adopted from the theme of Japanese Manga, a source of inspiration for Y-3’s graphic and bold fall collection. The vivid primary color palette borrowed from the looks–along with halftone pattern treatments–stem directly from this comic book inspired theme. Designer Yohji Yamamoto had this to say about his latest work:

"The collection pays homage to the couturiers of the 60's. I wanted to infuse this spirit into it. I was also thinking of superheroes and the kind of clothes they wear. Cut for an active and fighting life style. So I brought these two worlds together.”

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Creative Direction: Lloyd & Co.Photographer: Cedric BuchetDirector of Photography/Editor: Bill StepanoskiStyling: Jodie BarnesHair and Make-Up Artists: Holli Smith and Adrien PinaultModels: Adam Butcher and Katya Riabinkina