yes we cannes

looks inspired by the film festival.

by nylon

Judging by everyone's faces on the red carpet at Cannes, celebs are having as much fun at the Film Festival as Gwyneth Paltrow had at The Met Ball, which according to Gwyn was absolutely none at all. But we can't blame them--umbrellas aren't exactly ideal accessories for formal gowns. Which brings us to our next conclusion: why do a Best Dressed roundup filled with ballgowns that no one can actually wear?

So, we've pulled together totally wearable looks inspired by Emma Watson and the rest of The Bling Ring cast, Lana Del Rey, Cara Delevingne and more.

No umbrellas needed.

Lipsy Peplum Dress, $101.82

Antipodium Silk Dress, $196.85

Topshop Checkerboard Skirt,

Elise Ryan Lace Dress, $84.95

Victoria, Victoria Beckham, $885

Polka Dot Shirt, $19.80

Topshop Double Layer Tube Skirt, $40

Sophie Hulme Floral Silk Dress, $505