you oughta know: prae

under wear to wear out.

As any truly stylish person will tell you, the key to looking good is to put as much effort as possible into looking effortless. Yes, we acknowledge that to any sane person, that tactic is absolutely absurd. But, alas, this is fashion—where the more outlandish the idea, the more successful.

One of the easiest ways to achieve that 'just woke up looking this good' look is by integrating intimates into your everyday look. And, yes, there is a delicate science to it all: you can't show too much skin, the garment must have clean lines, and there must be something aesthetically interesting to it.

Our primary intimate of choice? The bralette.

Our bralette of choice? PRAE.

With a 13-piece silk Core Bralette collection, supplemented by seasonal options, PRAE delivers the perfect mix of sartorial contradictions: it's laid-back and easy-going and elegant and refined. Rock them with a pair of high-waisted trousers, under a sheer slip dress, or even just with a sheer tee with jeans. We guarantee it'll become the one closet staple you will actually want (read: need) to wear every day. 

Check out the gallery for some of our favorite picks and head over to to browse all their items (+ some awesome ready-to-wear ensembles).