You’d Better Get Used To Ty Dolla $ign’s New Song

In case you went to bed at reasonable hour last night, Ty Dolla $ign dropped a new song featuring Charli XCX and Tinashe just before midnight. moreAnd, to the chagrin of the hip-hop purists swarming the YouTube comments section, “Drop That Kitty” is poppy and earworm-y as hell.

The Cashmere Cat and Stargate-produced track’s Top 40 radio potential is mostly due to Charli’s super-punchy, diaphragm-busting delivery on the “Drop that kitty down LOOOW/ Pop that kitty down LOOOW” hook. Remember how the Brit’s catchy vocals basically propelled Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” to #1 for, like, a million weeks in 2014, achieving near-“Blurred Lines” levels of ubiquity? I really wouldn’t be surprised if “Drop That Kitty” holds a similar chart climb in its future — and, as a tour merch-wearing member of whatever Tinashe’s fan army calls themselves, I’m all for it.

Text by John Walker