zal batmanglij in nylon guys

The director who’s not afraid to eat out of the trash…

by Josh Madden

One of the many radical dudes in this month's issue of NYLON Guys is a young writer-director named Zal Batamanglij. The 32-year-old's debut Sound of My Voice won him critical success and accolades of all sorts but that didn't stop him from spending last summer squatting and foraging for food in Detroit. Seriously, this dude is the real deal, he spent the summer with a group called the "freegans", an anarchistic crowd of people who live off of discarded food. In making his newest effort The East, some of the experiences he had in Detroit ended up in the film. The movie, starring True Blood's Alexander Skarsgård and Ellen Page, is in theaters now and you can read more on Batamenglij and his movie-making methods on page 95 of this month's NYLON Guys.