Watch Zayn Malik Star In Snakehips’ Video For “Cruel”

Such a “Cruel” tease

In the short amount of time that has passed since Zayn Malik began pursuing a solo career as ZAYN and dropped his debut album, Mind Of Mine, the singer-songwriter has shown us many sides of him within his music videos—he's a hot piece of eye candy in "PILLOWTALK;" he's a cyborg in the sci-fi fantasy projection "LIKE I WOULD;" he's rolling with the homies in "BeFoUr;" he's a brooding, slow-paced deep thinker in the black-and-white "iT's YoU." His latest visual comes from a collaboration with Snakehips on the single "Cruel."

As per usual, ZAYN is the star of the show. This time, he's cooped up in a high-tech den and surrounded by television screens that we can only assume he uses to obsessively watch his love interests. (Gigi Hadid better watch out...)

If you didn't pick up on it in the first 30 seconds, ZAYN has a special relationship with televisions in this production; he makes it very clear when he sings suggestive lines like "Your body hurts me/ Loopin' 'round like CCTV." While viewers are transported into some sort of rave at a warehouse, ZAYN teleports through the TV. The police show up, so we're not sure if he's a criminal on the loose, but he should definitely be arrested for being too sexy for his own good.

Given his recent round of magazine covers, we feel like we've been seeing ZAYN everywhere. (Some might say, it's an inva-ZAYN.) Watch the vibrant visual in the footage, above.