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accessories to match your zodiac sign

style in your stars.

You check your horoscope on the daily and consider yourself a connoisseur of anything and everything astrology, but do you really rep your star sign as much as you should? Sure, that earthy lipstick whispers Taurus, and your BFF's favorite platforms are such a Libra choice. But with the right accessories, you can really show off your zodiac pride to the world without the subtlety. A couple horoscope-themed wardrobe picks will give your look some spiritual guidance—and some major style.

Whether you're an earth sign or a water gal, a little bit of accessorizing can help anyone out (and can 


even help protect against Mercury retrograde). Toss on some constellation-inspired jewels or invest in some fancy flats for a personal style statement that's basically meant to be. It's in your stars, after all. And we're not ones to fight with destiny—especially when it involves a shopping spree.

Flip through the gallery to find the best accessories in the market for your star sign. The planets are always in line for you to treat yo' self.

AriesSemper, aries snapback, $38, available at Shop Semper; Urban Outfitters, stamped zodiac necklace, $18, available at Urban OutfittersAlex and Ani, aries charm bangle, $28, available at Alex and Ani.



, zodiac constellation necklace, $38, available at



Piggle and Pop

, taurus zodiac ring, $22, available at 


Kate Spade

, taurus charm bracelet, $58, available at

Kate Spade


GeminiJulie Nolan Jewelry, constellation hinged bracelet, $50, available at Etsy; Zenned Out, constellation ring, $20, available at EtsyValentino, gold gemini zodiac earrings, $395 available at Neiman Marcus.

CancerJennifer Rex Jewelry, cancer zodiac necklace, $18, available at Etsy; Nesting Pretty, golden crab hair pins, $16, available at EtsyLiving Royal, knee high socks, $15, available at Living Royal.

LeoNYLON Shop, zodiac necklace, $50, available at NYLON Shop; TTTattoo, leo constellation temporary tattoo, available at EtsyCaseysWireOwlet, zodiac sign ring, available at Etsy.

VirgoIndigo Desert Moon, amazonite virgo bracelet, $28, available at Etsy; Piece Apparel, virgo tote, $14.90, available at Piece ApparelDecal Girl USA, virgo nail decals, $2.95, available at Etsy.

LibraShadows and Fog Studio, lazer-cut bamboo earrings, $10, available at Etsy; Danielle Stevens, libra charm bangle, $50, available at Danielle StevensCase Cavern, libra phone case, $15.99, available at Etsy.

ScorpioBeau and Stella, scorpio constellation necklace, $42, available at Etsy; Urania Gazelli, scorpio box clutch, $1,131.98, available at FarFetchSusan Miller, scorpio silk scarf, $80, available at AHA Life.

SagittariusArtemer, gold signet ring, $500, available at EtsyShelley Cooper Jewelry, pisces earrings, $24, available at EtsyCharlotte Olympia, sagittarius zodiac clutch, $995, available at Neiman Marcus.

CapricornCharlotte Olympia, capricorn suede slippers, $695, available at Net-a-Porter; Double B Jewelry, capricorn constellation ring, $21, available at EtsyMane Message, capricorn hair ties, $6, available at Etsy.

AquariusPeace of Mind Inc, aquamarine aquarius bracelet, $40, available at Etsy; Valentino, aquarius gold bracelet, $620, available at Net-a-PorterHidden Tales, aquarius brass constellation locket, $18.42, available at Etsy.

PiscesIJA, 14k-filled gold chain zodiac bracelet, $143, available at Nordstrom; Sin Dorei Jewel, adjustable rose gold ring, $8.99, available at EtsyJulie Nolan, gold astrology cuff, $70, available at Uncommon Goods.