watch our short film ‘decisions’ starring zoë kravitz

shot on location in the hamptons

by nylon

In the exclusive short film Decisions, our latest cover star Zoë Kravitz stars as a girl who gets approached by two dudes claiming to be Ryan Gosling and Jose Canseco. She's not buying it.

They pepper her with random and absurd questions, like "Got a little gouda?" or "You still sell dope?" But if you're a fan of West Coast rap, those strange inquiries might start to sound familiar. That's because the movie, which was crafted by Kravitz and Lolawolf bandmates/costars James Levy and Jimmy Gianopoulos, was inspired by hip-hop legend E-40's 2014 banger, "Choices." 

Now we have a question for you. You gonna watch this video?