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9 Soothing Products For A Clean, Irritation-Free Scalp

There's more to it than just shampoo and conditioner.

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Having a full head of luscious strands with volume and sheen is cool and all, but maintaining a clean and healthy scalp—now that’s really where it’s at. Especially considering you really can’t have a healthy version of the former without doing the latter. You may be thinking, but doesn’t my scalp get clean when I wash my hair? The answer is yes — but only to a certain extent.

Depending on your hair type, along with how your hair follicles grow in general, your scalp can experience build up from a variety of sources from hair products to regular 'ole dirt and sweat from everyday activities. Next to experiencing natural build up there's also the issue of dandruff. The two look very similar and depending on the type of dandruff, it can be caused by natural build up if you don't tend to it regularly. (While there are various types of dandruff — stemming from conditions like psoriasis or eczema — the most common is dry skin dandruff, where you can experience a dry and flaky scalp, which affects about 50 percent of the general adult population worldwide.)

To be certain, all of these scalp-related issues are completely normal, but there are things you can do to both get rid of and prevent them. Below, you’ll find nine treatments, oils, serums and more under $40 that'll help give you and your scalp the health it needs.

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