A Glossier Tell-All Book Is On Its Way

Set to be released in Summer 2023.

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There’s no denying that Glossier shook up the beauty industry with its initial launch in 2014. Creating and becoming the face of the millennial pink beauty aesthetic, the brand was called “one of the most disruptive brands in beauty” by Forbes. But a lot has changed in the past eight years, including a massive boom in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Now, author Marisa Meltzer, writer of The New York Times Style section “Me Time” and the recent book, This is Big: How the Founder of Weight Watchers Changed the World—and Me, is set to explore this meteoric rise of the company in her new book Glossy: Ambition, Beauty and the Inside Story of Emily Weiss’s Glossier. The book is set to be released in Summer of 2023.

The upcoming release is set to explore “the astonishing story of the billion-dollar makeup brand Glossier and its iconic millennial founder who transformed American retail”. Meltzer combines interviews with former Glossier employees, investors, and Weiss herself, who’s at the center of the story. “From fundraising to product launches and unconventional hiring practices, Meltzer exposes the inner workings of Glossier’s culture both good and bad,” says the book’s pre-release description.

In recent years, Glossier has faced criticism about its packaging calling out the once signature pink bubble wrap pouches as unsustainable, and, in 2020, former Glossier staff accused the brand of racism and hostile working environments on the call-out Instagram page @OuttaTheGloss. Since then, it’s been reported that the brand never agreed to satisfy the requests of the group. Glossier has been deep in the process of change ever since. In August 2020, the company permanently shuttered all of its brick-and-mortar stores and in January 2022, the company laid off nearly a third of its corporate employees. They made major changes to the brand’s original disruptive business model by bringing on Olivia Rodrigo as the brand’s first celebrity partner in April 2022 and made the announcement to start selling Glossier in Sephora stores and online starting in 2023.

With Meltzer’s investigative deep-diving track record, Glossy is sure to spill some serious beauty industry tea. While we may have to wait until next July 2023 to get our hands on it, pre-orders are already open on the Simon and Schuster website. Until then, Meltzer has three previous books to dive into.

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